How to Play - FAQ's

What is a Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a group activity where teams or individual players compete to find objects, reach locations, and/or solve riddles on a list provided by the event organizer. Traditionally, scavenger hunt items were printed on paper lists, with players using pen and pencil to fill in riddle answers, or check off locations and items they find. Often, “proof” that a team or player has found an item or reached a location is brought back to the organizer in order for points to be awarded.

While popular as a school or youth group activity, scavenger hunts are also a hit among adult players as an orientation activity, team-building event, or professional engagement tool.

As portable cameras became popular and more widely available, photos or video clips of team members and individuals at specified destinations became a great way of providing proof of players completing scavenger hunt missions. This format has only become even more popular in recent years with the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablet devices.

How do you win?  
Teams earn points for every mission they complete. The team with the most points wins a cash prize.