Frequently Asked Questions

How do we submit evidence for completed missions?

For nearly all missions you will need to submit missions by uploading a photo or video into the Goosechase App.

How will we know if our submission will be accepted?

Volunteers will be reviewing submissions as they come in.  They may not provide a reason why your submissions was not accepted, but you are welcome to ask by emailing Tiana at [email protected].  JA will include a list of Do's and Don'ts with your token during pick up, and posting to the site.

Can we participate outside of Alaska?

Yes, but please take note that most of high-point missions will take place in Anchorage.

Do kids have to pay?

Kids under the age of 5 can play with every paid adult admission.

If I have more than 5 people in my family, do we need to pay for more than 1 family pass?

Yes, although each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.