Junior Achievement of Alaska
JA Inspire Responsibilities
(Subject to change)


• JA offers its curriculum to individual classrooms and will provide materials free of charge.
• JA will train teachers as needed and will provide support throughout the JA program.
• JA staff will provide regular communication via email/phone to all participating schools.
• JA staff will ensure that all relevant online delivery systems are FERPA and COPPA compliant.
• JA will coordinate with the school district to arrange for transportation.

• Principal agrees to allow JA staff to speak at a faculty or principal meeting to train and review curriculum with teachers.
• Principal agrees to assign a staff/faculty representative to coordinate the program with JA staff.
• Principal will ensure that assigned educators will teach the program and ensure that students complete all lessons, including the pre and post-test evaluations.
• Principal agrees that JA staff can communicate directly with teachers to coordinate programs.
• Principal will agree to have signed permission slips for any student attending the Career Fair.
• Principal will agree to allow students with media consent forms to be photographed by JA staff for use on social media and marketing items; and teachers will know which students cannot be photographed.
• Principal will ensure that the school provides meals to any students that miss their scheduled lunch period while at the career exploration fair.
• Principal will ensure that all school staff/chaperones present at the career fair will follow JA staff and volunteer instructions to allow for an efficient flow of students in to and out of the convention center.
• Principal reviews and agrees with teacher/coordinator responsibilities listed below.

• Coordinator agrees to help coordinate teacher training.
• Coordinator assists with filling out JA Inspire request form.
• Coordinator will work with JA staff to determine the number of busses needed and pick up/drop off times for the Career Fair off-site.
• Coordinator will work with building and district technology experts to ensure students have access to the internet as well as websites such as YouTube and Vimeo to gain access to program content.
• Coordinator will collect all unused materials, completed reflection activity documents, and pre- and post-tests for pick up by JA staff no later than the week of November 30, 2023.
• Coordinator will ensure the appropriate number of chaperones are present at the career fair to monitor student activity.

• Teachers will ensure that all pre- and post-tests are completed.
• Teachers will ensure that students complete the JA Inspire classroom program prior to career fair. When your school signs up, they will decide if you will be utilizing the full curriculum or the one-session curriculum.
• Teachers will engage actively in the JA Inspire Career Fair and will encourage students to engage actively as well.
• Teachers will actively monitor students and help students stay on schedule at the JA Inspire Career Fair.
• Teachers will inform JA staff of which students can and cannot be photographed, if applicable.
• Teachers must maintain, and have with them, a list of students attending the career fair and are responsible for keeping track of head count during the career fair.